My Life As A Legal Alien

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wee Man and the Green Screen

Yesterday I backed the car into a truck in a car park, but before that I had fun throwing thousands of fake dollars into a wind machine and watching it flutter all over Wee Man while he narrated to camera in front of a green screen for our upcoming documentary ...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Inspired By Robbskee

Given that I work in the world of websites and multimedia, I thought it was about time I followed the examples of a couple of very savvy friends and got a blog happening, ostensibly as a place to share photos from life in this crazed country, but perhaps also to write a few words in a medium other than email. Oh, and of course there is the 'research' angle. It's part of my job to be up to date with "new" media in all its permutations - and blogging definitely has a place in that realm. So thanks to Robbskee, not only for the inspiration, but also for putting photos of me and the boys up in pride of place on his blog under "Uber Pets"!